Recommendations and requirements

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Information for authors

Research papers should not exceed 4 pages including text, figures, reference literature, etc. The Microsoft Word for Windows editor should be used for preparation the paper. The text of the paper should contain a statement of the relevance and purpose of the research, the methodology part, results and discussion, the conclusions. The template and more detailed information on the design of the paper are here.

Preparation of posters

Requirements for posters: file format: .pdf, file size – should not exceed than 20 MB. The poster should be designed carefully, the text is written in a competent scientific and technical language. The poster should contain the purpose of the work, its relevance, scientific and practical significance; there must be an original part of the work, conclusions. Examples of design of posters could be found here.

The poster and the research paper should be attached no later than May 22th, 2019 in the Personal Account.